zebra-south-africa-holliday-adventuresAs an Africa Travel Specialist Rosie can help you with navigate your way around this huge continent and choose the country and experience that is right just for you. Rosie is very passionate about Africa and dedicated to making your experience the trip of a lifetime. As an Africa Travel Specialist Rosie will exclusively concentrate on creating an itinerary that will make your African safari experience one that you and your loved ones will never forget. Rosie is connected to the culture and history of several regions within Africa in which she has visited and gained valuable knowledge over the years. As a seasoned Africa Travel Specialist, Rosie has had some of the most dynamic adventures which has allowed her to gain direct insight into the most popular african safaris and destinations. By choosing Rosie as an Africa Travel Specialist you can be assured that you have the most memorable African experience. Discover Africa’s natural beauty and breath taking scenery by taking a once in a life time holiday trip through attractions that offer a wide array of wildlife and excitement. What is the best country to visit for first timers? What is the best season for each country? What is the best game viewing times and areas? Can I take my kids? (A resounding YES!)

Africa Travel Specialist Adventures

There are more options than ever on how to experience Africa. Canvas-tented camps, fabulous lodges and stately homes. Walking safaris, horseback riding safaris, camel treks, and elephant back safaris, the diversity is amazing. Each country has its own distinct appeal and attraction and Rosie will spend time with you and ask the questions that can put you in the right location for your specific needs. There is simply no wrong way to see Africa. Rosie has been in love with this continent since her very first visit in 1982!