Rosie .Australia Trip. Corroboree and Family Visits OCT 2011 251Rosie is and has been an Australia Travel Specialist or expert in travel to Australia since she got into the travel business. Since the inception of the program she has been a Premier Aussie specialist. A Premier Aussie Specialist is a member of an elite group of travel agents dedicated to selling Australian vacations to both Americans and Canadians. This is a designation awarded by Tourism Australia and the agents who qualify as Premiers are handpicked by Tourism Australia from the 1,000 plus agents who can qualify as “regular”Aussie Specialists. Rosie is one of the 92 in North America (Canada and USA) and one two in Colorado. Besides having done extensive training and being up to date with destination products Premier agents must demonstrate an intimate knowledge of Australia and must travel there on a regular basis. This offers Premier Specialists in depth knowledge and an extensive network of travel contacts Downunder.

Premier Australia Travel Specialist

The following is a longer version of Rosie’s bio that is listed on “As a home grown Aussie, with many years in the Australia Travel Specialist industry, I bring a wealth of knowledge and personal experience of Australia to you. I grew up on an Outback sheep station (ranch) went to a one room school house and a few years after graduating from teachers college; set off to explore the world, like many young Aussies of my generation. I return to my homeland often, not only to see family and friends (who incidentally are great with those little “local’ travel tips) but to visit new experiences and keep up to date with the tried and true. I’ve criss- crossed Australia more times than I sometime like to remember but I never grow tired of seeing the completely unique and individual Australia that I love. With this in mind I design trips geared to just what it is, that you, the traveler is looking for. Through out the years of being a premier Australia Travel Specialist, I have been able to design trips and itineraries that showcase some of the most amazing experiences in Australia. This is not the same for everyone, so my itineraries are as varied as you are. They are geared to your personal interests, travel style, budget and the activities that you love to do. I personally love active and experiential travel so if this of interest I incorporate as much of this as it pleases. The Outback holds a soft spot in my heart (naturally!) as do activities that involve horseback riding, hiking, biking, rafting, kayaking, snorkeling, diving, nature, wildlife , cultural and aboriginal experiences. You get my drift! As a premier Australia Travel Specialist, I know all the great places to do these activities plus the range of wonderful accommodations from boutique to camping to luxury. My years in the industry have also allowed me to build close relationships with the finest operators and as a Virtuoso affiliated agent I can often supply extra amenities for no extra cost”.