Minke whale sighting in Port Douglas Australia


What a wonderful time of year to be visiting Port Douglas! Passengers on board Poseidon on the 11th June, have been fortunate to experience the Minke Whale Magic first hand.

Poseidon has a rare Swim with Minke Whale permit and this was a text book encounter after careful briefing of passengers and strict control on the swim float line. All snorkellers on board Poseidon had the thrill of a lifetime when the first site of the day at the Agincourt Ribbon Reefs, a 5 meter Dwarf Minke Whale came.

All passengers were able to view this awesome creature from a Minke float line. The Minke did a multitude of passes over a period of an hour, performing belly rolls as it passed, within meters of the snorkelers. Poseidon reluctantly departing to the second reef site and were welcomed by yet another Minke Whale slightly larger than the first. It glided ever so close to the snorkelers. The response from Poseidon™ guests was a combination of silent awe to shouts of joy! Truly a life changing experience!